Market Trend

Interactive Kid's Game Experience

Novotown - Family Zone

11 Feb - 31 Aug 2021


Market Trend provided a Total Solution experience for Novotown in Hengqin. In the Family Zone, we provided four gaming experience for our visitor.
1) Dancing game - adult and children follow the music and animation together. Become a "dancing master" in the stretch movement and follow the dancing beat.
2) 3D Animal Paper Drawing experience area used 3D scanning technology to turn children's imagination into reality. Started the journey of "creation" together, scanning the colored drawings, and your animals will appear on different screens.
3) Horse Riding Battle Experience ?V Players are turned into horse riders and shake the reins to control the speed of the horse. The fastest the horse can win the race
4) Finger Battle Experience - Test your eyesight and hand power. within a limited time, find flowers or fruits among the leaves and pull them into your own basket. The more flowers or fruits you get and you can get the higher score and win the game.

  • What Had We Done?
    • - Token System
    • - Dancing Game Solution
    • - 3D Animal Paper Drawing Solution
    • - Horse Riding Solution
    • - Finger Battle Solution
    • - Top 10 Ranking Function
    • - Support Multi-player
    • - Report System

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